Get in touch is a premium custom writing service and aim to help students with their writing tasks with the help of qualified writers. Frequently Asked Questions are considered as listed answers and questions, which must hold a particular common context or any targeted topic. Similarly, FAQs are those effective parameters, within which the inclination of the students is observed towards certain issues and concerns pertaining to the offered services. Here we have listed some most common and frequently asked questions to us.

Question No. 1: Does your company provide writing services for all subjects?

Answer: Literally, yes, we do. As our company is the famous custom writing service provider, we prefer to cover all of the academic fields for developing premium quality assignment papers, including natural and social sciences, business and finance, religion and politics, fashion and media and numerous others, so that the students belonging to different academic fields can take the benefits from our remarkable custom writing services.

Question No. 2: Are provided papers meet all the required levels of quality assignment?

Answer: We develop every assignment paper after conducting a qualitative and in-depth research work, in which the recent and old literature is extensively utilized to generate a high quality paper. Therefore, there is no doubt that quality will ever be compromised by our writers.

Question No. 3: Can I get my order according to my specified deadline?

Answer: We always develop given orders as per the deadlines specified by our respectable clients for the reason that our customers’ convenience is taken as the sole mission, thus, satisfaction of the customers is always our first priority. To make our commitment strong, we even offer the option of refund. Rest assured that your satisfaction is our prime concern.

Question No. 4: Can I find the simplest system of placing my order?

Answer: The orders can be placed simply by contacting our online service representative who provides comprehensive guidelines that how clients can illustrate their topic description and other details in order form and proceed to make the payment so that we can start working on your assignment.

Question No. 5: Can my order acquire free features of your services?

Answer: The free features like title page, table of contents and reference list are always provided to our customers complementarily. We wish and make it possible that we can bring the utmost benefits possible to you on our side.

Question No. 6: Will I find the customer support at any time?

Answer: The online custom writing services at our company always remain active 24 hours a day, including Sundays as well; therefore, our service can be acquired and our company can be contacted at any time of the day. You will always find a friendly customer support representative responding to your queries.

Question No. 7: How can I be sure if the hired writers competent enough?

Answer: Quality is one of the basic pillars of our reputable online custom writing services and we do not compromise in this regard at all and in any way. The qualification of our every professional assignment writer is more than enough in order to meet your simple or complex order requirements and provide you with a high quality work. To make it happen, the writers are teamed up according to their academic qualifications and expertise in their respective fields, so that only excellent quality of work can be provided to you every time.

Question No. 8: Do you ensure zero plagiarism in your written papers?

Answer: The assignment papers developed by our expert writers are always original and well written in terms of research, uniqueness, language style and usage of grammar. Hence, the concern of plagiarism is found completely absent in our writing firm for the reason that our highly eligible writers are bound to follow our designed strategies pertaining to the developing of original work.

Question No. 9: Will in-depth research be conducted for my assignment papers?

Answer: Of course. Our knowledgeable and professional writers always make sure to conduct in-depth research on your specified assignment topic so that they can assure that only well researched and quality content is provided to you and you get good results for sure.

Question 10: Can I acquire revision service in case of dissatisfaction with your provided work? Will I be charged for revisions?

Answer: No. First of all, we take every step to make sure that we provide you with quality work. In case we miss something or you do not like particular things, the revision service is always free as long as it sticks with the original specification of the order. In case any of our clients is dissatisfied with our provided assignment papers, he/she will be served with our free revision services.

Question No. 11: What are your charges for my assignment?

Answer: We charge according to the paper standard, topic requirements and deadline specified by our clients; therefore, different packages are designed to serve our customer sufficiently, which are offered accordingly.

Question No. 12: What are the modes of payment?

Answer: The payment is acceptable by using Master Card, Visa, JCB, PayPal and other widely utilized money transferring services.

Question No. 13: Is it safe to make payment online at your website?

Answer: As far as the reliability of system’s safety is concerned, we are proud to announce that we have built extremely secured and protected system where there is no least chance of hacking or abusing of your payment card information. We ascertain that your information and transaction are absolutely safe while doing business with us.

Question No. 14: Are your provided assignments capable to ensure me attaining higher academic grades?

Answer: Quality writing is our motto, for which our firm has been putting its best efforts to ensure customers' satisfaction up to 100% mark. Our record in delivering quality custom writing is based on the optimum quality services, which has always guaranteed our clients in achieving higher academic results.

Question No. 15: Can I be kept in touch with the writer during the process of my order being developed?

Answer: If our clients wish to be in touch with our appointed writer for the order during the process when their given assignment task is under development, each and every update at any step of assignment development is provided to the clients, ensuring the client if the paper is being written with the required track or not. In fact, we encourage your communication with the appointed writer.

Question No. 16: Do I hold a chance of changing my order requirements by acquiring your revision services?

Answer: We feel sorry responding in negative here. Once the product is developed according to the initially demanded pattern and topic, the client possesses no chance of getting any revision services; therefore, the clients are requested to provide final and thoroughly considered information, so that an assignment paper can be developed as desired. You will be required to place a new order if you change the overall order requirements.

Question No. 17: Can my desired format be applied when my order is being developed?

Answer: Although our writing firm has its standard format, yet the client's wish is consider with high importance. Therefore, if our clients would like us to follow their recommended format, our writers will definitely follow the requirements.

Question No. 18: Can I make the writer responsible, when it comes to select certain topic within particular study area?

Answer: Sometimes, the tutors leave the responsibility of selecting the topic for a specific area over the students, which appears to be troubling the students a lot. In order to resolve the situation, our competent writers are truly capable to hold the burden of picking a certain assignment topic for clients.

Question No. 19: What are your designed discount policies?

Answer: The discount policies are offered to our customers up to certain parentage of the total amount which increases with the number of words/pages. The discount is offered also offered in certain cases if the deadline is immensely strict or the client is regular in consumption of our writing services.

Question No. 20: Is there any limitation in purchasing specific number of words/pages?

Answer: No, there has never been any limitation in purchasing the number of words/pages. Our customers are free to order any number of words/pages to us. The only least limitation is that you order one page at least while you can increase the number of words/pages up to your requirements which is limitless to us.

Question No. 21: May I know about the standards of your page?

Answer: We offer 250 words per page, involving double line spacing and 12 font size, most specifically in 'Times New Roman'.

Question No. 22: Can my demanded resources be used in my ordered assignment paper?

Answer: Yes, the company's first priority is always to follow the requirements of our customers; therefore, every demanded resource is accessed by our competent writers to be included in your final paper. In fact, we favor the idea of recommended sources as it helps the writer to stay more focused and close to your specifications.


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