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We thank you with the bottom of our heart for choosing www.assignmentessay.co.uk to provide you with all of your writing needs. At www.assignmentessay.co.uk, we strive to give you only the best quality services. We have a team of experts who are committed to excellence. Once you place an order with us, you will always leave a satisfied customer. To help us continue serving you better, we have put in place the following terms and conditions. The following terms and conditions act as an agreement between you and www.assignmentessay.co.uk. Once you access the services on our website, we will assume that you have read and thoroughly understood the terms and conditions here in. For any queries or clarifications, please contact our 24/7 customer care support team or call us at 11111111.


Once you place an order at assignmentessay.co.uk, we will automatically have the right to charge to your credit card or any other mode of you use for any services you access. The charges will be done in accordance to the amounts stated on our website. Assignmentessay.co.uk will provide you with all the means possible to ensure the security of your credit card details. To this effect we will work with payment processing services and other relevant authorities to avert cases of cybercrime, unauthorized use of credit cards and fraud.

Product Usage

According to the international copyright regulations, all products produced by assignmentessay.co.uk are to be used for reference and research purposes only. These products include, but are not limited to, research papers, coursework, term papers, book reports and dissertation, thesis and assignments papers. Assignmentessay.co.uk does not bear the responsibility of any eventuality of derived from customers using our products against these limitations. The customer has the responsibility to learn and familiarize with the contents of the product he/she purchases. The only guarantee that customers have from assignmentessay.co.uk in this context is the quality of the writing and provided research work.

Source Materials

Our writers carry out research for customers’ orders and will use journals, newspapers, books and any other online publications needed to produce the desired work. If the customer wishes for specific resource material to be used in researching their work, they must present this information and material early enough or in the order form details. Assignmentessay.co.uk bears no responsibility for late submissions if the resource materials are not delivered by the customer to the writer in good time. The customer must keep in contact with the writer online to make sure they have all the necessary information they need to work on the order.


At assignmentessay.co.uk, we take all your instructions very seriously. Our writers will follow all your instructions to the latter to make sure that we meet all your expectations. Therefore, you must provide accurate information in the details of your order form. We recommend that you review the details you put in the order form before you make the next move to make the payment. You will be required to give final confirmation for your order details so as to avoid future misunderstandings over non-full or unclear instructions. You are supposed to follow the steps mentioned below to keep the details and instructions accurate;

  • Fill in order form with clear instructions.
  • Login to the Order Tracking Area and click on the FINAL CONFIRMATION button only after you have cross checked and edited the instructions if necessary.
  • Once you click on the final confirmation button, the payment will be deducted from your credit card. As soon as we receive the payment, the writer will work on your order using your instructions as they are.
  • Keep in touch with your writer to ensure that he/she has all the information he/she needs and to provide any clarifications if required.

Any further alterations to your instructions after confirmation which are outside of the basic topic and instructions will be treated as a new order and the necessary charges will apply.

Guarantees Assignmentessay.co.uk guarantees our customer that;
  • We only write original papers that are truly custom made and void of any plagiarized content.
  • Once you purchase a paper from assignmentessay.co.uk, it will never be resold, distributed or reproduced for any other party in whatsoever case.
  • We will meet your deadlines. If there are any concerns or issues regarding the delay in submission due to any unforeseen or uncontrollable circumstances, we will discuss them with you beforehand and both parties may agree upon a new submission date.
  • All personal information will be protected and no third party will have access to it without your consent.


All our customers are entitled to have free revisions until they are satisfied that the product meets their expectations. The offer for free revisions expires within 14 days of delivering the first complete order to the customer. You therefore need to request revision before this time elapses otherwise it will be assumed that you were pleased by how your completed order came out. Assignmentessay.co.uk will allocate different timeframes within which revisions should be done depending on the complexity of the paper. For example dissertations and thesis papers will be revised over a 30-day period. Assignmentessay.co.uk reserves the right to define the complexity of a paper. All revisions will be done according to the original instructions provided on the order form. New instructions will be treated as new orders.


In case a customer cancels the order, he/she will get a refund within 5 to 7 business working days. A refund will only be made if the customer had not downloaded or used any part of the completed order. Once a refund request is made, the quality assurance department will consider every case on individual basis and decide the necessary refund percentage. The customer must provide reasonable proof as to why he/she needs the order to be refunded. The customers can contact us through various means including email, telephone and live chat so as to get the revisions done in a prompt manner. If no request is received within 14 days after delivery of the first copy of the completed order, no further requests will be honored. In case of any delays in delivery of your order as a result of tardiness of our writer, the customer will be compensated in the form of a discount or credit. Delivery time deviation is not subject to refund.


At www.assignmentessay.co.uk, we work very hard to protect the privacy of our clients. We are aware of how sensitive your personal details as well as your credit card information are. We work very hard to make sure that you do not become a victim of cybercrime or fraud in any way. To do this, we have come up with a verification procedure where you will be contacted by our personnel to confirm the use of your credit card. You may be required to provide additional information or documents to our risk department so we are sure of the order. The customers must therefore provide us with only accurate information when placing the orders. If you opt to use PayPal, the verification procedures will apply to you. All available government procedures will be applied to deal with any fraud cases realized from the verification procedure conducted by assignmentessay.co.uk. To protect the company’s interests, when you do a charge back, you will be automatically stripped of all your rights of ownership to the product you have purchased from our firm. In such a scenario, assignmentessay.co.uk will have the right to publish the completed paper and commence an authorship procedure which may involve contacting your educational institute or placing your details as well as the paper online.


Assignmentessay.co.uk always intends to serve its customers with the best possible services and this is why we keep collecting different sorts of data and the latest practices pertaining to business laws. We are always up to date pertaining to every aspect of our service and to ensure that we benefit our customers as much as possible. Therefore, we review the terms and conditions of our provided services included in this very document. If we find it necessary or we feel forced to change some clauses by law, we may update these terms and conditions. Therefore, we request our potential and existing clients to frequently visit this very webpage and stay updated with any amendments we might have made by the time you visit this webpage the next time.

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